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Peter and Anna Schnebly

Text Box: Howdy do Neighbor! This is your local winter-field and snow baby site!


Welcome to the new world of Peter and Anna Schnebly. We have come two gether to see if we can make it through this life together in holy matrimony!

Make youself welcome to brouse this site and see what you can see. We hope to keep it updated with pictures and all sorts of fun and wild stuff.

Peter also has his Guy Who Know’s Computer Repair information. He is a computer wiz! You will be glad to know him in this day of computer technology.

Anna has her information for esthetics and photography. Keeping beautified and portrif-ied is her specialty!

So sit back, take a click here, and a click there, and see where this site takes you.

Once again, welcome to the site where snow babies and winter fields come alive.

If you are friend we will be glad to give this to you.

If you are foe we will NOT be glad to give this to you!

To contact us:

E-mail: feldty@yahoo.com